FynTal is an Information Technology and Engineering Professional Service Staffing Company Who Provides Clients with Top-Notch IT Talent.

We do business with all sizes and types of businesses. No business is too small or too big for us to work with. We follow simple steps to set you up with the best talent in the IT industry. Our talented team of account managers and recruiters is equipped with modern day tools to assist you with finding the correct talent. Our talent team works very closely with you to understand your needs.
We follow a very well defined process to understand your needs and find talent that matches your needs. Our processes are very well defined and streamlined to ensure that we do thorough analysis before placing a candidate for you.
You may engage us to find talent for a particular phase of an SDLC or for all human resources throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. We specialize in finding talent in various information technology skills and experience.
Using our employment placement services can free you up from dealing with human resources allowing you to focus on your core business. We are here to assist you with identifying and placing candidates for long-term or short-term projects based on your needs. Our screening process ensures that we only provide you with the best talent in the industry. Our talented hiring team is up-to- date with the current IT trends and understands what it takes to build a good workforce.
We employ efficient software and search engines to identify great talent matches for your company needs. We use several interview techniques to screen candidates for technical as well as behavioral aspects.